Material Guide

About the materials we use

We carefully choose high quality materials for all of our pieces. We are regularly asked about the materials that are integral to our collections so we thought we’d put together a little guide for you. We hope you find it helpful but if you have any further queries please don’t hesitate to contact us, we love to hear from you!

14k Gold Filled and Rose Gold Filled

Gold filled jewellery is made by mechanically bonding a solid layer of real gold to a base metal core. Our gold filled jewellery uses 14k gold which is very hard wearing. It will last 10-30 years when cared for properly. In comparison, gold plated jewellery may peel, flake and fade within 12 months depending on the thickness (microns) of the plating. Gold filled jewellery is great for those special pieces that you want to enjoy for years to come and is a much more affordable alternative to solid gold. As the surface is real 14k gold, it is practically impossible to tell the difference so it will tone in beautifully with your other jewellery. It’s one of our favourite metals to use and wear.

The gold layer must equate to 1/20th the weight of the item at a minimum to qualify as gold filled.

Sterling Silver

Sterling silver is a classic and many of you probably own many silver pieces already. It is a very durable and versatile metal.

Sterling silver is an alloy made up by weight of 92.5% of silver (hence the “925” stamp) and 7.5% of other metals, most likely copper for strength and durability. It is the addition of copper that can cause silver to tarnish but fear not, you can easily polish your silver jewellery back to a shine with a silver cloth. Though some wearers do prefer the look of darkened silver.

Raw Brass

We sometimes use raw brass in our designs. This is often an option we select for larger pendant designs where using gold filled is either not possible or would make the piece very expensive. It has the same beautiful golden yellow colour and is very durable. We polish it to a shine and add gold filled chains. Raw brass will take on a beautiful patina over time, some wearers like this look. But if you prefer it to appear golden, you can easily polish it up again. We prefer this to gold plate as there is no coating to rub away or fade and you can polish it back to a shine whenever you wish meaning that your jewellery will last beautifully for years to come.

Gold Plate and Rhodium Plate

Our plated collections are available in two finishes; gold plate and rhodium plate. These pieces are made from a base metal – usually brass – that has been plated with real gold or rhodium. Our platings are high quality at 3 microns thick.

Plated jewellery isn’t as durable as gold filled, sterling silver or solid gold jewellery. It will inevitably fade with wear so be sure to follow our Jewellery Care Guide to ensure it looks it’s best for as long as possible. This is not a fault or a flaw, it is the nature of plating and this is reflected in the price. For longer lasting jewellery we suggest sterling silver or gold filled.

Plated jewellery is an affordable way to emulate the look of finer jewellery. It’s great for occasional wear and for updating your wardrobe to reflect the latest styles and trends.

Our plated jewellery is lead, nickel and cadmium free.

Rhinestones, Crystals and Cubic Zirconia

Sometimes we need a little sparkle in our lives and these high quality man-made stones are a great option. We only use Swarovski Crystals, Preciosa Crystals, high quality glass rhinestones and cubic zirconia. The stone type will be detailed in the applicable product description.

Semi-precious Stones

We love to use natural semi-precious stones in our designs from time to time. As each one is entirely unique, pieces featuring these stones will be available in limited quantities. We handpick all stones to ensure they are both beautiful and high quality. Please refer to specific product listings for more information.


We use hard acrylic resin in our Botanical Collection to encase pressed flowers. Our resin is non-yellowing and has a smooth glossy finish and the clarity of glass.

Though it is waterproof, it should not get wet as moisture can seep between the resin and metal causing irreparable discolouration. And though it is durable, we advise you take care to prevent scratches; avoid abrasive surfaces and materials and do not store your resin jewellery with anything sharp.

Pressed Flowers

We grow and press most of the flowers used in our Botanical Collection ourselves in our North Yorkshire garden. We occasionally also source some of our flowers from other small UK businesses.

Other Information

As a brand, kindness and inclusivity are our key values. All of our pieces are vegan friendly which means we do not use materials of animal origin including (but not limited to) leather, fur, feathers, shells, “mother of pearl”, silk, pearls or any other animal-derived materials. We also take care to remain respectful of religious and cultural symbols and references.